Avilight MIRAGE

Transparent 360° Video LED Display

Mirage Girl 440x440

Key Features

  • Transparency
  • 360° Visibility
  • Super Bright
  • Unique Product Showcase
  • Video Support
  • Backlit Posters Area
  • Easy To Operate and Maintain


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Avilight MIRAGE is Transparent 360° Video LED Display. It is ideal for any indoor environment such as shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, and ticketing areas. Avilight MIRAGE comes fully assembled and equipped with casters to easily move from one location to another.


Avilight MIRAGE renders spectacular transparent images and video thus providing stunning viewer experience. This futuristic media leaves its viewers amazed. Transparent 360° video and images are perceived as hanging in the air which makes them look as holograms.

360° Visibility

Impressive 360° display visible from all angles, Avilight MIRAGE allows viewers all around the display to have an equal opportunity to see it, no matter where they stand. This display virtually has no beginning and no end.

MIRAGE Showcase

Product Presentation in 360°

Unique product showcase integrated inside the display provides incomparable product presentation. A product can be placed inside the display while encircled by spectacular transparent images or video. It's one of a kind combination of Digital Signage and Product Presentation.

Super Bright

With brightness ratings as high as 1500 cd/m2, Avilight MIRAGE is up to 5 times brighter than most consumer LCDs.

Complementary Backlit Posters Area

Avilight MIRAGE provides integrated built-in poster light box beneath the screen for greater exposure and visibility.

Rotating LEDs Technology

With a pixel pitch of merely 2 mm, Avilight MIRAGE provides an image far clearer than any conventional flat LED video display on the market today. Unlike conventional LED screens which rely on a grouping of LEDs to produce different colors, Avilight’s red, green and blue pixels are turned on at the exact same spot to produce integral pixel. Unlike conventional LED screens, Avilight’s pixel is perceived as a whole integral light spot even viewed from very close distance. To learn more please visit our Technology page

Content Management

Avilight MIRAGE is a turn-key solution. We offer professional digital signage solution for content management. The internal digital media player allows the end user to create custom layouts and playlists. The cloud based content delivery system allows for easy remote control of multiple displays.

Easy To Operate and Maintain 

Avilight MIRAGE is designed for reliable continuous operation. It is easy to operate and almost maintenance free. LEDs do not require maintenance and are very long-lasting. The display is eco-friendly with efficient power consumption.



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